How to connect truenas scale network disk with home assistant network storage

Hi, I have setup a network disk with proxmox and truenas scale as VM. I have connected it to my windows pc as an extra disk and that is working perfect.

On the same proxmox I have a VM with home assistant and that is working perfect.

Now I like to connect the network disk in home assistant. If I go to Settings → system → storage → add network storage … and now I don’t know what I have to fill in.
On the network disk it is all filled with music. So I like to use it together with the sonos hacs in home assistant.

Is there anyone that knows how to add that network disk?

First go to TrueNAS and see what you have the share as. TrueNAS then Dataset then Click on the Share you want to use Then Roles. See if you have it as a Samba Share or NFS share or both.

I’m making the assumption that if you’re accessing it from Windows that you have Samba share on.

In HA, settings then system then storage, then add. Select a name of your choice, select usage (I assumeit will be media based on your request), enter the server IP Address (yu can use a name, but I find IP Addresses more reliable), enter the name of the share '\Sharename or \Sharename\folder) then enter your Username and password from Truenas for the share ACL. This is the same username and password you used to connect the windows machine to it. Check Truenas → Shares – Edit ACL to get more info on the username and password if you forgot.

Thanks for your reply, but after the datasets click I don’t find the share and roles
See the screen shot.

It is on the right, you have to scroll down, right below Data Protection.