How to construct my own states UI like card for an input_datetime

I am not sure this can be done without building (or finding a suitable custom card) but after a great deal of reading and testing in the template editor I am stuck and run out of ideas.

On the left is how a bunch of input_datetime’s currently display on an entity card:

To the right is a markdown card displaying in a more readable albeit static way the correct names and a readable date. Of course it updates with a change of the input_datetime…but I can’t set the date on the markdown card.
The entities card does not seem capable of displaying an input_datetime in a readable way presently. The only way I could get it passably useful was to override the name in my card config:

      - type: entities
        title: Systems Last Cleaned
        show_header_toggle: false
          - entity: input_datetime.only_date01 
            name: S Settling
          - entity: input_datetime.only_date11 
            name: S Settled            
          - entity: input_datetime.only_date02 
            name: FP Settling 
          - entity: input_datetime.only_date03 
            name: SH Final Bio
          - entity: input_datetime.only_date04 
            name: SH First Bio
          - entity: input_datetime.only_date10 
            name: SH Swirl            
          - entity: input_datetime.only_date05 
            name: PA Final Bio
          - entity: input_datetime.only_date06 
            name: PA First Bio
          - entity: input_datetime.only_date09 
            name: PA Swirl            
          - entity: input_datetime.only_date07 
            name: SL Clarifier
          - entity: input_datetime.only_date08 
            name: SL Screen

Now…If I visit the States UI I see the same input_datetime’s displayed in a much more readable way:

My question is how to display it like that in a standard lovelace card?

UPDATE: I was revisiting the entities card again after I posted this and after removing the name: override I find that the card behaves a little better than it was in a previous version of HA.

Would it be possible to stop the selector on the far right of the entities card from appearing somehow? That would be a good enough solution for now?

Cheers in advance for any help with this one!

you may be able to use the custom card-mod to make the far right control transparent. Your other option would be to use the custom pop up card on your markdown card.

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Cheers, I’ll check those out.