How to control a Input_Boolean in an automation

I will make a very long story short… I need to have an automation that when it runs flips or toggles a boolean input.

If it is true when it runs I want it to be changed to false and visa versa. Pretty darn simple…

The only problem is when I go into create an automation when I go to the then do… I can’t find how i select the input_boolean.

When I go in here I can find my input_boolean here.

But when I go to automation and the then do section … It is not a device… So that will not work… It is not showing as a switch… I just don’t know how to call it or find it at that point. I am sure it is something obvious or silly I just can’t figure it out.

Add Action → Helper → Input Boolean → Select the desired service

Call Service then Input Boolean.

If using the visual editor, at “Add Action”, select “Other Actions”, then select “Call Service”, then “Input Boolean” for the options.

THANK YOU! To may options I didn’t find it without your help. Now it feels obvious!