How to control AeoTEC LedStrip colours - newbie alert

Hi all,
I have (latest version as of yesterday) on RPi III with Aeotec controller and Aeotec Ledstrip. Up until a few versions ago, I could control the colour and brightness from the colour wheel, so I know the unit itself and the controller are fine. I assume a new (bug?) has been introduced (in the colour wheel code?) as another user has the same problem with completely different lights. I further assume that somebody knowledgeable will sort that out in time. Meantime, I want to be able to use an automation to set the lights to a nice colour in the media room, and be able to dim the lights when a video stream is playing. At his point I am only interested in getting control over the lights, not get the whole automation working (KISS).
Can anybody point me in the right direction to get say a series of buttons to select different light levels and/or colours as a first step?
Thanks in advance,

“latest” is not a version.

Quite correct, it is not. However the question is not version specific.
For the sake of correctness, my version is:
version 0.69.1
The question is about to control the LED strip regardless of version. Can anybody suggest a direction for my edification?


Ok, make that 0.70.0