How to control an motorized valve?

Hello, i been looking for the best option to control a motorized valve. The valve is controlled via two relais, one for the opening and one for the closing. A complete move from close to open took about 140s. The goal is to set an heating mixer and the flow temperature. I´ve read a lot and think about using an Climate PID but i only have two relais to control the position and not a float output. Any help would be great. Thank you very much.

It would be great to send esphome an position to move, as an example move to 50% open.
Or send an temperature and it optimizes the position to reach this value, in this case the position is not important and i did not need to read it back. The sensor is connected to the same esp32.

Have a look at the different “cover components”, especially the feedback cover .

You might be able to control it via PID, but I’m not sure whether the relation between valve position and temperature is predictable enough for the PID to be of any use.

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