How to control hue bulb color with aqara cube?

I can change the color using the aqara cube action with this:

service: light.turn_on
  entity_id: light.living_room_lights
    - '{{ (100 + (state_attr(''light.hue_bulb_tv_2'' , ''hs_color'')[0] or 0)) %360}}'
    - 100

but, I want to change the color continuous, using the clockwise and counter clockwise angle.
I don’t find how to use this angle movement.
Any help, please?
Best regards!

Don’t have one of those, but have a look at the event data it sends when you spin it.
Open developer tools then Events an listen for the right event.
Most likely there is something in the event data saying how it’s rotating.

Any more concrete solution for those of low level, like me?

Since I don’t have one or know how you integrated it.
But as said open developer tools and listen to the events of your integration.