How to control Inovelli branded dual zwave outlet (automation from GUI preferred if possible)

Hello all, hopefully you all can help me out with the issue in the topic that I will show/ explain below. Essentially, I have an Inovelli NZW37 which is a zwave outlet with 2 zwave individually controllable sides to it. In smartthings, there was a way to get 3 devices out of this switch. 1 controlled both at once, 1 controlled the left side and 1 controlled the right side. Is that createable here?

Are there other better ways to deal with this?

Lastly, I can’t get either of the 2 “controls” to show up in the drop downs when creating automations. The only thing that shows up when I choose devices under automation actions is “Gym Wall Outlet”. Thank you all for any guidance/ discussion you can give on how to deal with these in HA.

There seem to be 2 controls there, one for left, one for right. If you want to turn them both at once use groups, or just set two actions in your script/automation.

As far a setting them as actions, use service, not device. the service is switch.turn_on, switch.turn_off or switch.toggle.

Ahh, thank you for these insights. Very appreciative of both responses. And sorry for being dense but is that doable from the UI/ GUI? I’m not seeing an option for choosing the entitiy/ or “service” from the automations area of the UI.

Where it says “device”, you need to cheese “call service”. It is in the drop down you have clicked on.

how does it know where to apply the turn on or turn off though because it doesn’t allow you to specify which component you want to apply it to?

I guess its called specifying the target of that called service.

You are in the “actions” part of the automation aren’t you?

I’m an idiot. haha. I never actually clicked on the service, I just kept skimming the list wandering how I applied the “service” command to the specific entity. I didn’t realize that section wouldn’t pop up until I actually chose one. I’m so sorry. Thank you so much for helping me with that. Sometimes i can’t see the forest for the trees. Thank you again!!

I think this is the problem you posted about in the mini-media-player thread too, which I just stumbled on your post and replied. Lovelace: Mini Media Player - #2622 by nickrout

And no apologies please, we have all been there :slight_smile:

I guarantee it. Learning this stuff at the speed I’m trying to is like drinking through a fire hose. It’s not working out for me too good at some points.

Did you have any issues with pairing your nzw37 @wtstreetglow?

Yeah I def remember having some issues originally. It’s been so long at this point, I don’t remember how I finally got them working but they are functioning properly currently.