How to control Mitsubishi Ducted Air Conditioner - Mr Slim

I have a Mitsubishi Mr Slim Ducted Air Conditioner. It has no remote control, just a digital touchpad on the wall. I would like to connect to it with Home Assistant, preferably to control it. Is there a way I can modify this and add a wifi controller?
I understand controlling the vents would be simple enough through a Sonoff or Shelly, focus is on the temperature controller.
Many thanks.

I know nothing about those units, but the best bet would be if you can use this.

We have one of these at work. From memory the pdf manual mentions an optional infrared panel can be plugged into it, that would then give you a way to control it a bit easier.

We’re you able to get this working?

No, I could not convert so I cheated and purchased a switchbot. It works well!!

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Did you get the ducted controls to work with Shelly/sonoff? I have almost the identical question but am using a Panasonic aircon that also has just on/off at the wall controller and my zones panel is beside it, I’ve got 5 zones for the house, one of which I never use so I figure two Shelly2.5 would work perfectly

I’ve had a look and don’t have a 240v Neutral Wire hence need to organise to drop one down the cavity. Then I would go with the Shelly 2.5. I haven’t done it yet however sure it will work.