How to control MQTT cover tilting with Philips Hue Dimmer switch?


I have setup a MQTT Cover with tilting the blinds full range of motion with MQTT steps are 0 to 27, where 14 is where the blinds are open (horizontal).

I have now setup Philips Hue Dimmer Switch (with DeConz) to tilt the blinds open (14) and close (0), but how can I setup the dimmer buttons to control the tilt in 10% increments?

Replying to my own message :slight_smile:

I solved this in Node-red and a separate sensor in HA

In HA created a separate sensor for current_tilt_position.

  1. Capturing deconz_events (Events node) and breaking them down to different remotes (Switch node) with
  2. For each remote, break down button presses (Switch node) with payload.event.event
  3. Using Current State node, get the current_tilt_position
  4. using Fuction node adding 10 to the current_tilt_position
    5 With Call Service node, calling set_cover_tilt_position and send data {“tilt_position”:"{{payload}}"}