How to control my LEDs with both zigbee and a manual touchbutton?

I have this LED set which I would like to control from Home Assistant using zigbee. See also this picture below.

Now I am searching for a way to control these lights using zigbee - whilst still being able to use the black manual touch button to also control the lights - is this possible?

For instance, is it possible to just replace the current LED driver with a zigbee enabled one and keep the touch button, so the circuit looks like this: Zigbee LED driver → button → splitter → LED lights?

If so, will the Zigbee LED driver than be able to control the LED light color and intensity, or is only the button in this case able to do this?

I know I could probably use a zigbee button instead, but that really is not my preferred option in this case.

Any help or advice would be much appreciated!

Some additional info:

  • The LED lights are dimmable

  • The LED lights have 3 white colors: warm, day and cool white

  • The LED driver is 12V, 30W

Zigbee is just communication standard, what Zigbee driver can do with your leds, depends on that specific driver. To integrate that original button would ask good knowledge of electronics