How to Convert Infrared send/receive from Tasmota to ESPHome?


I have been using Tasmota to send and receive IR signals successfully. I would like to use my Tasmota-captured IR codes with an ESPHome IR Sender.

However, I’m having trouble with the terminology. The code in question is this:


Looking at the ESPHome specification, for NEC it wants:

  • address (Required, int): The address to send, see dumper output for more details.
  • command (Required, int): The NEC command to send.

I presume it is a matter of masking off the right bit patterns. However, I cannot find a conversion guide from Tasmota format to ESPHome format.

Can anyone point me at the appropriate resource please?



If anyone else is interested…

I gave up and built an ESPHome IR signal capture receiver .

It turns out that for


The equivalent ESPHome code is

Received NEC: address=0xFF00, command=0xE31C

which looks very much like taking the “DataLSB” value and reversing each pair of bytes, then taking the first 4 for address and the last 4 for command.

That is with a sample of 1, however.

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