How to convert kWh to Wh?

I have a sensor “Automatic boiler Summation delivered” It is measured in kilowatts per hour, but it seems to me that it shows too much. It seems it should be in watts per hour. It shows 457 kWh for today, and 1961 kWh for the week
How to convert kilowatts per hour to watts per hour?

A kilowatt is 1,000 watts, and that is per hour so you want to see 1000wh instead of 1kWh? Converting to watts won’t fix your over wattage issue, it will just change how you read it - and in any case that would be a custom sensor and not part of the energy dashboard.

I agree that 457kWh is a LOT for a single device, I don’t think converting it to watt hours will help that problem. Perhaps I am not understanding your request.

That summation delivered is likely a sum of all kWh since you added it to HA.

Thank you for your quick response. I don’t want to change the presentation format of the data, but I want to get the real data. But I don’t know how. In just one month, all the devices in my house consume 250 Kw. The Home Assistant Energy panel for the month shows 2111 kWh

Consumption is in Wh or kWh not in kW and surely not in Kw

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457 kWh for 1 day? that means you used 19 kW constant for the whole day.
I cannot see what devices you have but that seems a tad much for a house.

What boiler is it and how much Amps does it draw according to the specs?

This is Ariston PRO1 R 50 V boiler with 1500 W heating power

Okay, so thats 1500 W in 1 hour it can only use 1,5 kWh if its on during that whole hour. Even if it would run the whole day it would only use 24x1,5 = 36 kWh
So the graphs are impossible since you cannot get that high.

Lets look at the device first (TS011F)
When it switches on or if you can force it, what does the TS011F report Wattage wise?

And what does the Summation delivered say for that period.
It is seeing the correct Wattage.

7:30 to 9:00 is 1,5 hour at 1300 Watt = 1.95 kWh for that period (roughly)

is also not true

If it is the case that the u it_of_measurement is entered wrong for this device, and it is actually reporting Wh instead, you can use customize.yaml to overrule the unit_of_measurement. But that is not the same thing as converting, because converting would do a multiplication, and that is not what you want.

See the section on customize:

If you want a kWh sensor with sensible numbers (divided by 1000) you need to make a template sensor that does the calculation.

I see that the average hourly consumption of my water heater is 130 kWh. The declared consumption of the heating element of my water heater is 1.5 kWh. That is, I need to divide the value of my Summation delivered sensor by 100. Can you advise me on the best way to do this?

Assuming you already have a templates.yaml file, this would be what you put in it. One thing to look at: if your sensor can be negative too, state_class total is right. If it can not be negative, use total_increasing instead. Certainly do so if the sensor resets to 0 periodically. Also be sure to replace the entity id with that of your own:

- sensor
    - name: "Corrected Energy Sensor"
      unique_id: sensr_corrected_energy_sensor
      availability: "{{ is_number(states('sensor.faulty_energy_sensor')) }}"
      device_class: energy
      state_class: total
      unit_of_measurement: kWh
      state: "{{ states('sensor.faulty_energy_sensor') | float(0) / 100 }}"
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