How to correct temperature reading Aqara sensor

I am using a couple of Aqara sensors to measure the room temperature however the reading requires a small correction,
How can I get this done in ZHA?
I am a newbie with no programming experience, Who can help me in easy understandable instructions?

If you’re using Zigbee2mqtt there is a Settings(Specific) menu selection that offers this:

I’ve not used it, but I’m guessing you can enter an offset number in the Temperature calibration row.

Since you have the hardware, what happens when you try to calibrate it?
Push the button…

I have used temp calibration for these devices in Z2MQTT and can confirm they work as expected.

No one needs to push the button because I already pushed it myself :wink:

Haven’t touched ZHA in a while so no sure if temp calibration is supported there. It’ll probably be a command buried somewhere in the depths of clusters