How to correctly integrate Popp Wireless Thermostatic Valve TRV (010101)


I’m new to Home Assistant and I already love it !
It’s brilliant and relatively simple :slight_smile:

I’ve had some pain to integrate my Popp Wireless Thermostatic Valve.
It can be compared with Danfoss LC13 with temperature feedback.
The manual is below :

For the record, I use Aeon Gen5 ZW090 with a Raspberry 3B+.

The device created by pairing it shows :

In the lovelace dashboard, no sign of Thermostat card.
How to make it possible to set desired temperature ?

It is strange, I’ve had thermostat card once before (but I have reset …) (however, doesn’t seem to work).


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I have the same Radiator value and the same problem.

Apparently this can only be added when you have the Popp radiator value within 10-20 centimeter of the z-wave base device.

I’ve did this with other software and it worked. Apparently there is something wrong with HA…

Earlier today I wanted to post here I’m having the same troubles. Though after reconnecting several times and rebooting HomeAssistant, I just saw the climate.danfoss_popp_radiator_thermostat_heating_1 appeared in the list of devices and I can now control the device :slight_smile:

I’m sorry for not being able to give a clear explanation. Maybe it will work for you too when rebooting Home Assistant or/and reconneting the Popp radiator thermostat?

are your TRV’s working well? I have 7 of them and have problem with setting heating temperature. It happens quite often, that when I set a temperature on the climate object, the value never gets to the TRV.

I’m running HA on RPI4 with controller and OpenZWave.
I had no problem including the TRV’s, i get regularly temperature updates from them, but this one thing doesn’t work reliable. I moved from Zipabox and i had no problems with TRV.

Can anybody help? Should I check some config parameters, increase some ack parameter? Or is the problem in network? (i have 1 range extender and 4 fibaro FGR-222, so mesh should be ok)
I use schedulers to turn down the temperature in the evening and up in the morning. And it is not pleasant, when the temperature in the morning stays down. :frowning:

I’ll try and get this thread running again.

I just got myself a couple of the Popp thermostats, added them in my tellstick znet lite v2. They show up in home assistant with a binary and temperature sensor. But no climate control.

I have followed the instructions provided, keeping the thermostats close to the base station during pairing, without any success.

I’m at a loss, anyone able to give me a nudge in the right direction?

I think we might be looking at a similiar issue to this:

Updated link to the command classes used by the device:

@martinhjelmare @frenck is there any method for me to determine if that is the case?

This right here creates a pretty high entry barrier for some people. Which is exactly what I would like help stomping out. If there is anything you want me to test with the hardware just give me a shout.

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