How to correctly set up Energy Dashboard? Solar -> MPPT -> Battery -> Inverter

since last week I’ve changed my Solar equitment. I have now:
Solar Panels connected to MPPT Controller,
MPPT Connected to Battery and Inverter,
Battery Connected to Inverter.

My Problem now:
Screenshot 2024-05-06 173207
As you see, Solar is 8,2kWh today, which is correct. (I get it from EPEver2MQTT_EP_1 GEN_TOT and is an increasinc total.)
From the energy produced, I saved 1,4kWh in Battery (Which is provided by JK BMS entity total charge).
My inverter is turned off, so I have no Output from Battery and all my energy is without solar.
Normally, Home used energy should be only 5,5kWh. So how to tell the energy dashboard Solar are my Solar Panels and the energy is only used at home, if my inverter is turned on?
Also I have 4 diffrent entities:

GEN_DAY 1,9 kWh
GEN_MON 4,66 kWh
GEN_TOT 8,22 kWh
GEN_YEAR 8,22 kWh

Which one is correct to use in energy dashboard? If I look at last 2 days in Energy Dashboard, it shows 10.8kWh Solar, which is more then my Total from MPPT.

Thanks for the help.