How to create a child theme? A theme modification without messing the original file

I’m used to WordPress child themes. I’d like to add a couple lines to modify a theme, but without messing with its original file so that in case of an update, I can update without it wiping my mod.

Is something like that possible?

I have created a small custom.yaml file within my themes folder.
In it there’s the mod.

Google Theme:
  ha-view-sections-column-gap: 7px

If I change the theme ID for anything else, this is recognized as a new theme, and when selected, it works.

I tried setting the theme ID to the same ID of the theme I want to use, so the contents “combine”. But then it doesn’t work, it seems to be ignored.

Am I doing it wrong? Or is it just not possible?

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I think you would need something like Card_mod for that.

I do use card mod, but these changes are not related to any card. I want them affecting on all dashboards.

This doesn’t seem possible at the moment. Linking an existing feature request.

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