How to create a external service information by API call with open-meteo in a card / dashboard


I would like to create a card which indicate to me if I can exit and go to work by bike with a global indicator which calculating with rain, rain probability, temperature, air quality, pollution, etc…

I have done a program in Python which works well and show this result :

Now I want to integrate it in a dashboard with a custom card.

I need to get information from open meteo with 2 APIs and 4 calls by API for all cities of this travel (a total of 8 calls).
A call to open meteo :,apparent_temperature,precipitation_probability,precipitation,rain,showers,snowfall&timezone=Europe%2FBerlin&start_date=2023-09-20&end_date=2023-09-23

I start with a service and a data response like weather.get_forecast service but I don’t really know if it’s a good solution and I don’t kown hass…

I have some trouble to make a clean API call…

Is anybody can help me to do this? :slight_smile: