How to create a time schedule

Hi everybody, I just moved from Domoticz on a PI to on a NUC.
After a day installing and testing it looks like that it is working.

In Domoticz it was quite easy to create a timer schedule. Can anybody tell me how to do this in HA (and preferable with the front end?).

What I want is a schedule for the airpumps of my Koi pond like:
02:00 - 10:00 off
10:00 - 13:00 on
13:30 - 17:00 on
17:00 - 17:30 off
17:30 - 21:00 on
21:00 - 21:30 off
21:30 - 02:00 on

What is the easiest way to create something like this in HA?

Thanks for the help.

Unfortunately, there is no easy, native way to create schedules in Home Assistant, especially not via the UI.

HOWEVER, community member ArthurDent1975 created an addon called Simple Scheduler that provides a scheduler with a UI and will probably meet your requirements.

One reason is that this is an automation application. You are thinking in terms of control.

If you knew why you wanted the pump on only at some times, you could measure a sensor and turn the pump on when it is required.

Is it to keep the water clear? If so, measure the water clarity and turn it on and off when needed. Is it to pass the water through a heater to keep the water at X degrees? If so measure the water temp and turn it on and off when required. Is it when you are likely to be home and it creates a pretty water feature? If so measure when you are home and turn it on and off … you get the idea.


Tnx for the tip of the time scheduler, but I think Nick is right. In Domoticz it was so easy to setup timers that I started to do that without thinking too much about the fact ‘why’ i wanted it.

Regarding the air pump, it is in my Koi pond and it is for creating movement in the water but it has to stop when the automatic fees feeder starts. Problem with the feeder is that it runs totally autonomous so I need to find a solution for that.

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If you give us some more info we may be able work out how to sense when it is on.

I will definitely do when the time is there. On a koi forum I already have asked for people who experience with changing the standard controller to something else which can be controlled with domotica.

The above mentioned time schedule tool I have already uninstalled. This because it was not very reliable and it had a big impact on the size of my HA setup. My backup grew from 50mb to 150mb only to this add-on. Was not to difficult to create a automation to do something simmular.

Wow, my system is about average size (I’d say - 300 sensors, 190 automations, 900 entities) my backups top out (full, not incremental) at 1.3mb
(you are excluding your databases aren’t you?)

I’d guessed that you were trying to keep O2 levels up, but you are just trying to give the fish a chance to feed before the water makes the food sink, that makes more sense - so yes I agree look into controlling the feeder (can you just switch it on and off ?). This will mean you need less food, and less detritus is thrown into the water, good all round. :+1:

Also a :+1: to nick. Members often post what they want before fully analysing what they need, nick spotted that and asked the right question.

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