How to create an "Away from home" state?

Still climbing the HA learning curve, and have done some simple automations.

I have one goal which has to be a common one: create an ‘away’ state for my house, with various lights going on and off so it looks like someone’s home.

An Automation performs a single task, so I’d need a collection of them, each triggered by a time - turn this light on, that light off, etc. I might end up with a dozen - and I’d have to turn all those automations ‘on’ when I leave.

Later, I might add sensors, alarms, notifications etc.

I could write Scripts to turn all these Automations on and off.

But is there a more sophisticated way to create an “Away” state?

I believe there is a custom component in HACS(?) that will simulate what you usually do based on the history of your devices and entities.

Have a look at the HACS integrations and see if you find it.

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Have a look at this blueprint-

This is the one I was thinking of.
I have not tried it myself, i just noticed it.

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I use it, it works perfectly

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“Presence Simulation” looks interesting. But basing it on my history wouldn’t work; I 'd need to specify everything. For example, I’d turn on a fake TV gadget that’s just colored LEDs, and engage some motion sensors. Not things we usually do.

I guess I’m just looking for a better way to tie a bunch of automations together into a unit. And maybe a Script is the way. “Away from home” seems like one of the most common uses for HA so I thought there might be something I’m missing.


Im using something similar to what your are looking for i think.

Ive created an away boolean wich triggers when me and my fiance is away from home. After 1 hour i get an notification if i want to turn on guest mode or turn on away mode. (guest mode if we have baby sitters :p)
When i turn on away mode a boolean triggers and turn off all the lights etc.

Also when we get home it turns them on again.

We both have to be away for the away mode to trigger, and only one needs to be be home for the “home” mode to trigger.

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The boolean then becomes a condition for a group of automations?

What’s your tracker? I mean life360 or standart HA app?

Tommy, this is exactly what I’m looking for. Anything you can add that points me and others in the right direction would be super appreciated!

Ill try make a post later today

Tommy. I am also looking for something like this. Any updates you are willing to share, please?