How to create badge

I’m new in this system and would like to know, in the default screen I saw there are cute circled badges, and after I created some groups they disappear.
Is there a way to create them? I didn’t found it in the documentation.

Thanks ahead

Any sensors that are not part of another group appear as badges.
So in the example below, the lakeheight sensor appears as a badge.

    name : Lake House
    view : yes
    icon : mdi:swim
    entities : 
      - sensor.lakeheight
      - group.lhsensors
      - climate.lake_house
      - panel_iframe.router

It’s mentioned in the documentation here:

my devices configured automatic by vera. and after I added one some devices of the vera to groups the badges has disappeared…

Once you create a default view you must re-add the entities you want to show there.

Here is part of my group config:

  view: yes
    - sun.sun
    - sensor.yr_temperature
    - sensor.yr_symbol
    - binary_sensor.sensor_hall_sensor_14_0
    - binary_sensor.sensor_gillestu_sensor_15_0
    - sensor.sensor_hall_temperature_14_1
    - sensor.sensor_gillestu_temperature_15_1
    - group.kok
    - group.vrum
    - group.sovrum

You can see your entity names by clicking on the < > in the sidebar, under developer tools.

Thanks, that I understand, but how to create a badge?

Sensors that are inside a group that is a view (view: yes) ends up as the circles at the top.

I added them to group with view but I can’t see badges only switches.
here is the picture:

Thats a normal group, not a group that has the “view: yes” set.

If you want them to be inside a card, but still have other icons you have to take a look at the documentation for customization.

now I changed the group config to this:
view: yes
icon: mdi:home

  • binary_sensor.daughter_motion_18

And I don’t see anything…

Quick way to add badges is to click the menu in the top right and choose ‘Raw config editor’.

There you will see something like this where you can add the sensors you’d like to see…

title: Home
  - badges:
      - sun.sun
      - sensor.woonkamer_temperatuur
      - sensor.waterlevel_height
      - entities:

(added this for reference because it also took me a while to find how to add badges)