How to create dashboards - while keeping the default automated lovelace layout - automated?

I am running HA Supervised in docker on a RPI 4 8GB with a 1TB SSD. It’s been a long road but like many of the people on this forum I have been spending the entire bulk of my time getting automations and features to work rather than bothering about the UI.

My issue is I really like the fact that the lovelace dashboard automatically managed it’s own layout and automatically discovers devices and adds them on it’s own. I do not want that to stop.

So, you know where I am going with this - now that I am ready to move onto the next stage of creating multiple dashboards for multiple people - I want to do so while also leaving the default lovelace dashboard where it is, automatically managing it’s own layout.

Two things I have noticed - noobs are told to create another dashboard, just go to the dashboard, click the three button menu on the top right and select edit dashboard and then click “take control” - or cancel - their being no other choice - and only after that will they be able to create their own additional dashboards. WHY? I want the original one to be self managed and create my own…

I have noticed some addon dashboards that are offered by various developers that you can then edit - so I have a couple of those - so in order to keep my lovelace automatically self managed and create my own dashboards at the same time, I now have to go teach myself how to create my own personal add-on? Are you kidding me? I am sure I am missing something here?


Because that will get you exactly what you asked for.

The original dashboard will remain auto-generated and you take control and edit your new dashboard(s).

No, a pop-up says it would no longer be auto-generated after I click “take control” of it before I am even allowed to create another dashboard, so I always click ‘no’ to that verification dialog that pops up. If it’s still automatically managed, then why would the only option be to take control and click okay to verification dialogue box that says it’ll no longer be auto managed?

Settings → Dashboards, create a new one and take control of that specific one. The “default” will still be automatically populated.


I didn’t see that option I fell like such an idiota! I even tried to delete this whole subject but since you had replied I cannot. Arg. Thank you!