How to create Routine with AlexxIT and a Sonoff basic that triggers when i get home to open garage door

Hi all,

My goal is to have my garage door open up automatically when my phone GPS knows that i am home (which is tracked naturally via the home assistant app on my phone).

  1. I have a Sonoff basic (Stock firmware) - this is connected up and has been modified to work with my garage door. Works flawlessly.
  2. Installed AlexxIT Sonoff integration into HA - Works flawlessly again and i can manually operate my garage door from HA.

The part i am stuck is understanding how to create a routine for my sonoff basic (garage door) to be triggered. The GUI does not pick up the Sonoff basic in the list, so im thinking this is custom code.

Any templates or ideas i can use to trigger the sonoff basic to run when i get home (GPS)?

Thankyou in advance