How to customize area of entities without unique_id

Hi everyone,

I am using the alarmsystem lupusec integration (activated in yaml).
This integration also provides the window contact sensors.
I defined these like:

      device_class: door
      unique_id: binary_sensor_terrassentur_rechts
      area: wohnzimmer

Even though I defined a unique_id and an area, both are not accepted, which means I still get, that the entity does not have a unique_id and therefore I cannot modify the area.


  1. How to set a unique_id for UI configuration (if that’s even possible)?
  2. How to assign an area to such entities without unique_id

Any help for a rookie would be greatly appreciated.

Hello @NCO3

i have exactly the same issue. No docs to define an area of an entity. Is here someone who could tell us IF it is possible even to manually customize an entity with an AREA ?

I ask this because I use Dwain’s Dashboard which is based on areas.

Thanks for your help

For further information see here: This entity does not have a unique ID? - Home Assistant


Thank you - I have seen that.
So, basically I cannot set a unique_id by customizing the sensor.
Consequently, there is no option to assign an area to these entities (without a unique_id). :cry:

Create a template sensor, where you can set unique_id, deriving it’s data from your original sensor.

Thank you,
I will consider this.
However, my hope is, that this will be possible in the future through the UI.