How to debug configuration issues when using packages?

Hi All,

I keep running into more and more trouble trying to debug errors in my config (mostly automations) recently. I have set it up so that I can use packages, which is working fine, but whenever I make a mistake and check the config, the output of the check_config script is massive, but does not actually tell me (or I am probably not seeing it) where to find the problem. For example, my most recent change (as of writing) is in my energy.yaml package. the automated build on travis failed, then succeeded (unknown why), but I now get errors on setting up the automation component when I fire up home assistant.

But, I have no idea how to debug now and actually fix it… or if there is even something wrong in the first place.

The config is on github:
The travis ci build output of a failed build:

and the issue is in the automations in the energy package I think, as that was the last updated file when the build failed.

But the output shows this:

> Failed config
>   automation: 
>     - Invalid config for [automation]: required key not provided @ data['action']. Got None
> required key not provided @ data['trigger']. Got None. (See ?, line ?). Please check the docs at

Anybody a suggestion on how to approach this?

Ok, now I am completely lost.

Initially travis build #427 failed, but as soon as I hit the “restart build” button (without changing anything in the github repo), the build passes. what gives?

Yet, after restarting my hass install with that config, I still get an “Invalid config” message on the interface.

Also hitting the “restart build” button in travis seems to randomly fail or pass without changing the sources in the connected github repo