How to debug this websocket error?

in my logs I see frequent errors of this kind:

Log Details (ERROR)
Tue Dec 26 2017 12:50:14 GMT+0100 (CET)

WS 1857759376: Client exceeded max pending messages [2]: 512

Not sure what it is about, so I am looking for a way to debug this. Thinking of Mqtt since that is about the only constant event stream going on, as far as I can suspect of course.
How would i proceed to check the logging for this?

Also, and even more importantly maybe, is how to prevent the clogging of the system because of this? Lately I do experience lags and lost communication between my Mqtt hub and HomeAssistant, resulting in unreliable behavior, so obviously this is a major component setup I really want to solve.

Maybe there is a setting in the Mqtt setup that would help?

Thanks for any help,

I am starting to get these error messages as well on 0.61.1 and I do not have MQTT set up so I’m not sure that is the culprit. Also, my error message is slightly different than yours:
WS 1871278288: Client exceeded max pending messages [2]: 512
I recently set up the Blink camera component and I’m wondering if that may have contributed. Also, I saw in an older thread that some people were mentioning motion sensors, which I have 4 of at the moment.

I am also seeing this error and having a difficult time figuring it out. Has anyone had any success? I’m thinking it has something to do with my Chromecast audio. Anyone else have any bright ideas?

Same here on version 0.63… First time I see it.

same problem here.

And same here. I also don’t have MQTT yet.
WS 1753762096: Client exceeded max pending messages [2]: 512
components/ (ERROR)