How to debug ZigBee problems?

I’m new to HA and have set up my ZigBee network a few weeks ago. But often I discover problems with lights (mostly IKEA) - mostly only the “turn off” command doesn’t seem to work for some lights (but not all the time). This somehow surprises me because my coordinator is max. 6 meters away from the farest light.
I already checked the trace of my automations - they seem to work properly.

As I set up ZigBee2MQTT, my question is, what steps can I do next to see where the problem is. Having a look into the ZigBee2MQTT-log didn’t really help without knowing how to look for.

Does anyone knows a good article about a debugging process? Or which steps do I have to follow to find my problem.

Thanks for your help!

Greetings, Sebastian

Sounds like interference on the zigbee network, as it is very low power it easily gets interfered. Search for zigbee in the forum, you will find a lot of ideas.

The first 2 things to secure.

  1. Use a long USB extender cable and move the coordinator far away from any USB3 port and any wifi device
  2. Look into you wifi channels, and make sure they do not overlap with the zigbee channels. There are many treads on this (be aware they do not use the same number scheme).
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Only one thing puzzles me. I never have problems when switching on. The problems always occur only when turning off lamps.

The distance between Pi and coordinator already is 1.3 meters.

Agree, it is strange it only affects turning off the bulbs. Which coordinator do you use, and have you made sure it have updated firmware?