How to define a GPIO-pin as the pin where a 433MHz-transmitter is connected?

Hi all,

I would like to make a 433MHz controlled wall outlet to switch a lamp. I have a 433MHz transmitter and a 433MHz receiver connected to the GPIO-pins of my Rpi. With two additions to the configuration.yaml (a binary_sensor and a switch, both from the rpi_gpio platform) I tell HA where to find the transmitter and the receiver.

Now I can use a pilight kaku-switch definition in the same configuration.yaml to convey the id and the unitnumber of my wall outlet. What puzzles me is how I tell HA to use the right GPIO-pin when I send the id, the unitnumber and the on/off code. How do I tell HA to use the transmitter GPIO-pin???

the gpio setting shown here

I found that page too. I have two problems with rpi-rf though. First, it seems you can define the transmitter, but not the receiver. Secondly you need to know the on and off codes for the mimic of the remote control that was supplied with the wall outlet. Up to now I haven’t been able to find reliable sniffer software, that’s why I tried to solve it another way (using pilight). The advantage of using the pilight switch definition is that I just need tot supply the id and unitnumber, that I already know.