How to delete a deleted mobile_app web hook?

so the new iOS app created a new device_tracker for my iPhone, including all new sensors with a suffix _2…

Couldn’t delete these using the integrations page (or so I think…) so manually deleted all remnants in .storage. Which worked fine, and using the app created all new entities in the system.

Only thing that is still proof of the older device, is a ‘deleted web hook’ in the cloud/webhook section.
Can we delete these somehow?

didn’t dare to take out, but the question would probably be, can we?:

        "deleted_ids": [

from the mobile_app file yet…

You should have been able to delete from the integrations page by clicking on the new device in the Mobile App integration and using the three dots menu in the bottom right. You could try deleting that element but I’d certainly make a backup first :wink:

Don’t see any menu options in the Mobile App integration…

If you click on one of the device names you should get the option menu available

did not have the lucidity to try that. duh. :blush:

I cannot see how the above solution solves the problem. There is no place you can delete “Deleted Webhooks”

You can delete entities and devices but the Deleted Webhooks come from previous installations of the IOS app that have been removed and replaced by a reinstall

Im having this problem also - i have a tonne of them from re-installing when i was setting up initially.

Can these be deleted somehow?