How to delete a ghost deleted file from disk

have a remnant file ( a left over from a previous file deletion) in the folder I like to delete:

but when I click delete, the system says its in use:

I stopped HA with ha core stop but that doesnt help. If I stop the Host, I can not reach this file… so, what to do?

Please have a look ?

Try removing it from Terminal:

rm /the/path/to/the/file

Instead of typing in the full path, you can drag the file from Finder to Terminal and it will insert the full file path.

Are you connecting to your Mac from another computer using SMB? Because these files are created by macOS when a file is being deleted while still in use.

yes from Mac. thanks I will try that.
for the rm command to work, I need to shell in first to the hassio.local instance I guess?

its a hidden file, maybe needs another command?

unhiding it (taking out the .) still wont allow it. So I can rename it, but not delete. :wink:

The context isn’t completely clear to me.

You SMB-mounted a remote filesystem on your Mac? Where is it hosted (Windows, Linux, other Mac, VM)?

The file might just go away if you unmount the SMB mount.

Sorry, no, this is the HA instance on a Pi, which I Smb on my Mac and browse via the Finder.

I did try to delete 2000 mp3 files from that folder and something might have been left behind…

Ok, so I managed to delete this file (which was still there after many restarts) using VSC editor Add-on inside the Instance

thanks for your support and suggestions!

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