How to delete an item without a unique ID

I have some rogue entities from my Blue Iris NVR integration that I want to remove but they don’t have a unique ID. I have binary_sensor.backyard_center_motion and a duplicate binary_sensor.backyard_center_motion_2. The former is no longer needed and needs to be removed.


I searched and the solution has been to remove the entity from Known_devices.yaml, but this entity isn’t listed there. How can I remove this?

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I’m with you on this. I’ve got a similar situation and can’t find any way to clear out the “phantom” device. I’ve check all the YAML files. I’ve checked the “core.entity_registry” file too but cant find it listed anywhere.

Same here… I have a sensor created by a custom component. I uninstalled the custom component, but the created sensor is still there and too often creates also entries in the homeassistant.log.
It is not present in any of the hidden files inside the .storage folder.
It is also not present in the known_devices.yaml.
I second the request: How to remove it?

Any resolution to this issue?

Same issue here. I’d like to remove them so I can reuse that entity name

Same problem, how to delete them?

Same here, my binary_sensor was created by the Workday integration, which I added and then removed (more info here).

Grep-ping the binary sensor name in the Home Assistant configuration directory (I’m using Docker) only leads to the history log that I’ve purged hoping it will delete the sensor, but it wasn’t so.

I actually solved by removing the references from the database, manually, at least for my issue linked in the previous post. But, probably, it could solve this one, too.

Can you elaborate on exactly what you did?

Look at the link above on my post: I’ve opened another thread with step by step instructions that I did (and images).