How To Delete Matter Devices

Subject line says it all. I’m trying to delete two Matter managed devices (MixPad D1 switches) and cannot for the life of me find a delete or remove device option. I can disable/enable the device, but that’s not helpful. I need to outright delete the device from Home Assistant. Anyone have any idea?

bumping to the top, still in need of assistance

I don’t know the answer but willing to help out. Try the following:
UI->Settings->Devices & Services, click on Devices Tab, click on the device you want to delete. Should see a “Device Info” card, at the bottom of the card are 3-dots. click on the 3-dots, click on “Delete”.

Let me know if this works or not.

Hey alright, that worked! Thank you @wmaker !!

this method does not work for me, unfortunately. i have 8 bulbs i initially added to google home, then from there linked the devices from the google home app to home assistant. i have since deleted the links in the home app and restored HA several times but each time it automatically re-adds the devices when i add the matter integration. the devices cannot be deleted nor disabled from the UI for some reason. if they are deleted or disabled they still show up. thoughts?

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thank you. I am also struggling with trying to remove a matter integrated device and re-add it as the integration seems broken.

I can delete the matter entity for this device but not the device itself.

It is a leviton dimmer switch. - one of many, but this one has lost its HA contol and I cant seem to remove and re-pair/re-add via matter?
Happy to post any diagnostics or relevant information that would help.
thank you

If you can’t remove the Matter device from HA as posted above, then perhaps post an issue on this and see what they say. Normally one doesn’t delete entities that are part of device, so don’t know if that is part of the problem or not.

Are you referring to the web portal or the mobile app? There’s no ‘3-dots’ in the web portal that I’ve found

On my web page the 3-dots are beside the “DOWNLOAD DIAGNOSTICS”:


I’m wondering if using the DELETE button tells the Matter Server to decommission the device properly, so you don’t end up with tons of “failed to intervew node #” messages in the server.