How to deploy Whisper / Wyoming to a regular Linux?

I’ve seen really good instructions on how to deploy Whisper + Piper on a Home Assistant OS, thanks to the addons that exist for these components to be installed very easily.

However, I have not found any instructions on how to install Whisper for STT or Piper for TTS on a plain old regular Linux system. Where can I find information on this? I have ~30 years experience with Linux as of this year; I would like to be able to integrate these components at home, and then later connect them to Home Assistant.

Furthermore: I have a local Ollama + several textual / visual models set up and running fine. Is there anything I can do with these to run Whisper so that all HA has to do is talk to the Ollama API? Perhaps install a local Wyoming bridge that bridges between HA’s Wyoming client and the local Ollama models, allowing HA to exploit the Wyoming protocol?