How to detect a bluetooth device


I have Home Assistant on Raspberry Pi3.

I bouhght a bluetooth device that I want to attach at my keys.
I want to detect when my keys are/get at home or not.

I bought this product:

I add this code to my configuration.yaml file in section “device_tracker:”
- platform: bluetooth_tracker

My device is found by my iPhone, but it’s not present in my known_devices.yaml file.

I tried to reboot my raspberry, stop and start again my bluetooth device, stop and start again my bluetooth detection on my iphone.

This device is still not listed in the known_devices.yaml file

Could you help me ? Maybe I didn’t nderstood how it should work with HA ?

Thank you

Got one of these and never got it to work. Maybe this works;

You can’t get this specific BT tag to work with HASS. Once this tag disconnects it shuts off after a few minutes. You should get a NUT tag. Don’t pair them to your phone and they broadcast continuously without shutting off. The battery lasts for maybe 6 months, maybe even more. I haven’t really measured, but it’s definitely more than 3 months.

The other issue is that the Bluetooth tracker component is significantly slowing down Raspberry Pis so you should look at some of the other solutions discussed in the forum.