How to detect AC was turned off by the remote

I’m using Broadlink to control my bedroom AC, sometimes I don’t have my phone around, so I’m using the original AC remote.
Doing so won’t update the status in the app, is it possible to reflect changes done by the remote? Maybe detect only on/off?

Thinking of it, this might be an issue that all remotely controlled entities should also have some kind of a sensor to reflect changes.


I don’t think it’s possible to use Broadlink as a receiver based on this.

You may be able to use Trend Integration.
For example if the temperature rises x degrees in x time you can consider the AC is in OFF state.


If your AC has vent flap, you can add reed sensors to detect if the flap is closed (meaning your AC is OFF).

Maybe power usage sensor?

Yes, it’s also another option for you.

Have a look here a few options were discussed: