How to detect SmartIR climate state after a restart

Hey everyone, I’m currently having a smartIR climate integration issue and was hoping maybe someone smarter than I can think of a solution.

SmartIR can correctly turn my air conditioner/heatpump on off and to different states however if my home assistant restarts, it loses this detection and will say that the air conditioner is off even though it never turned off.

Anyone know a solution on how I can get the detection to survive a restart?

I’m having the same problem. Do you already have a solution?

So far the only thought I’ve had is a boolean that turns on when the smartir is turned on. From there when home assistant restarts it could check the boolean and refire the command upon the restart maybe

I’ve thought about that, but I think that won’t work if someone controls the AC with a remote, as the boolean doesn’t registers that

Oh yeah I don’t know any solution to that, my idea is just to hide the remote entirely.

I don¡t think that will be appreciated by the members of the family :laughing:

Eh climate should be automated anyway, the goal is to not have to touch it again.

In the ideal situation, yeah. But when one thinks it’s too warm, the other thinks it’s too cold.

Which one would you get in trouble for upsetting. Set it to their preferences lol

yeah, that would probably the best solution :joy: