How to determine every other week for a reminder

We have recycling containers that must be put out every other Thursday. I’d like to set a reminder that tells me on Wednesday night before that recycling is collected that this is the week. For simplicity, I don’t plan to account for holiday schedule schedules or weather. I don’t know if there is a way to trigger a reminder by having a condition of “even” or “odd” week. Does anyone have an approach I should consider?

I thought about making a calculation of which week of the year it was, but it would likely break on Jan 1 each year and I’d have to set it again. Weeks would be 1 to 52 of each year and I would have to seed it with a known recycling week.
If start week = 2, then an even week would be recycling week so the Wednesday of that week would be when the reminder gets triggered. Does this make sense? Has anyone already done this?
Thanks for any insights on how to approach.

Take a look here:

That should do it. Thanks very much.