How to disable Almond?

This was posted as an WTH entry. Every time an automation is created there is a default behavior of offering “Almond” to create the automation. It doesn’t seem to be functional and the user must skip it over and over. Please, is there a way to edit a config somewhere to turn this thing off?

Anyone? Would really like to get rid of this nuisance.

Uninstall the Almond addon?

There is not an Almond add on installed, it’s a default behavior that I’m asking if there’s a way to configure it away. Whenever an automation is created, the first screen pops up the opportunity to create the automation using Almond, which I think is intended to be a natural language shortcut. However, it never worked for me. Regardless, it’s another click to dismiss it every single time. However, since I posted the original request I now see the option to create an automation from a Blueprint, which is likely to be a much more useful approach - since it shares the same screen as the Almond thingie, I guess I would be dismissing both. Regardless, would love a check box here to always start with a blank automation, or some configuration level flag that would remove the extra screen.