How to disable android app auto scroll on refresh

When i jump between wifi and mobile radios, or if im on a slow link the HA app will refresh its data - and it will automatically scroll all the way up to the top of the view. is there a way to disable that auto scroll?

unfortunately no, unless you find a custom card to do that. The app needs to switch the URL based on the defined wifi connection otherwise we may be showing the incorrect site. To really stop it youll need to only use 1 URL and remove the internal URL and defined wifi name.

the url never changes - i only have one HA installation.

Did you give the app a separate URL for internal vs external?

nope. it lives on an internal ip, and when not at home i use a vpn on my phone to hit it. But this happens when I am at home even, and not switching networks. every time it refreshes, it scrolls up to the top. its maddening.

Did you ever figure this out? Frustrates me no end that the app scrolls on refresh.

nope, there is currently no known solution that I am aware of