How to disable GPS geolocation but keeps external/internal URL working

I’m using Home Assistant Cloud and would like to configure my system to use the Internal URL when I’m connected to my WiFi, and the External URL when I’m outside my network. From what I’ve gathered, this setup requires my iOS device’s location settings to be configured for ‘Always’ allow and to enable ‘Precise Location’. Could you please suggest a method to maintain WiFi recognition functionality while disabling GPS tracking, since I don’t require it?

You’ll need to add a WiFi SSID under Settings>Companion App> {Your Server}. That sets it so that you connect to the internal URl when you’re connected to your SSID and external otherwise.

The phone manufacturers regard the SSID as a tracking sensor, so that is why the location permission is required.
You can try other methods, like an ARP lookup on your network router for your mobile devices MAC address.


Thank you for your response. I found out that I can set Precise location with While using the app and in that way Home assistant cloud works well in determining internal/external url usage. For my purpose eliminating battery drainage it is sufficient solution.