How to disable or hide Mobile Device Location


I’ve searched for a while now but I didn’t find anything that comes close to my problem.
I want to add several members to my home assistant but I want to give them the possibility to disable the GPS or location logging from their phone.

My goal is to populate their dashboard with a boolean switch to toggle the location logging on and off.

I tried to achieve this by a script but it didn’t work…

Has anyone of you tried or achieved this already?

Thanks in advance!


I think you can only do that by disabling the sensor in the phone companion app.

Hmmm…That would be rather inconinient :wink:

In the wiki is a sentence about disabling the devicetracker: Location | Home Assistant Companion Docs

An alternative is to disable the device_tracker.<device_name> entity from the entity registry.

But I assume, there is now way to “toggle” this via an boolean switch?

I made a request of such a view or notification commands some time ago.
Add possibility to change settings on the phone app from HA · Issue #2656 · home-assistant/android (

I still believe it’s an issue that we can’t change all settings remotely.

I wonder what happens if you enable high accuracy and set the interval very high like:

      - service: notify.mobile_app_<your_device_id_here>
          message: "command_high_accuracy_mode"
            high_accuracy_update_interval: 86400
            command: "high_accuracy_set_update_interval"

will it do one update and then wait, essentially disabling the normal tracking? Or will the low accuracy tracking do tracking in between the high accuracy?

Unless something has changed since this thread, there is no service to disable entities and it can only be done in the UI. Automation to disable/enable entity?

go to the MobileApp in ha/settings/devices. select the device, and disable geocoded location:

Not exactly automateable!