How to disable paper tab transition in header

Hi, I’m a beginner in home assistant, intermediate in css, could any of you help me remove transitions in header tabs? I use the Android companion app on HikVision DS-KH9510, which is not as fast as I would like it to be and I noticed that when pressing the tab, the transition (as I determined cubic bezier) greatly slows down the operation of the device and thus the switching of views.

What do you think, it is possible to turn off these transitions at all?

If these transitions are caused by some css property - try to disable these transitions by using a custom card-mod theme.
Discussed here.

Hi, I also have that hikvision device? How do you run HA on it? It’s slow as hell, and also after installing the APK, I can’t get past the HA login screen…

ok, login works , but indeed slow as hell
were you able to make it faster @tough