How to discover the right attributes/events for a device?

I have NodeRed connected to HASS and have some integrations working.

But one thing that I’m struggling with is how to figure out what attributes/events to watch for a device so I can create the right flows.

For example I have a zwave water shutoff valve connected to HASS but the next step of incorporating it into a nodered flow is confusing me. I can figure out the device but it’s the specific events and values to watch for changes in that’s throwing me.

This happened even with my GE motion sensor where I wanted to connect and turn on a zwave light switch. I am still struggling to know all the events and values to watch for in both the sensor and switch since there are things like gradual ramp up of the light etc.

Is there a guide somewhere that explains this better? Or does someone have specific tips?

Not specific to Node-Red but you can see an objects attributes in the Home Assistant Developer Tools state panel. Click on the “<>” button at the bottom of the left hand menu.

Look in the far right column next to an object forit’s available attributes (and their current state).

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Thank you! I’ll check this out.