How to display a monthly calendar on HADashboard (on ipad 2)

Hi all, I have been using HADashboard on my ipad2 for a while now and it works nicely - but one thing I can never do (do not know how) is to display the month calendar on a tile. I tried to use the iframe method to display a calendar via a website - it doesnt work too well.

I don’t need to display the events and stuff - just a plain boring calendar will do.

Any ideas?


you could try this:

which does this:

and can be customized to your taste a lot :wink:

Thanks bro. I click the link you provided but I have login issues. The username and password I have do not work.

Do you know if this will work with HADashboard with the interface display via an ipad 2?

Thanks in advance

My bad, link corrected

Thanks bro. I look into the atomic calendar a bit more. Seems that this is not related to HADashboard per se - and I think it won’t work with the ipad2 as the tablet is way too old for a modern UI like this.

Do you know of a calendar option that works with HADashboard?

Thanks again