How to display temperatures in a hot water tank

Hallo HA-Community,

since two week I use home assistant and want to display temperatures from a hot water tank in a graphic. I have the following one in my mind: Example 1 Example 2
Do you know if there is a Lovelace integration to display e.g. ten sensors, each for a specific color at a specific height?

Thanks in advance.

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There are a huge number of lovelace cards in HACS and you can pretty much make everything in a markdown card if you can not find one that suits your needs.

Consider using a picture-elements card.
Elements like “state-label” may be used to display text, “state-icon” - to display an entity-dependent icon etc.
Google for a “floorplan” - people using the picture-elements card to draw a house with lights, temperatures, doors etc. Same way may be used for your task.

Have a look here, someone has done similar to what you want to do

Thanks! Do you have a favourite one?

Thanks! I have to check these possibilities.

That’s interesting! Thanks!

I generally design my cards with markdown cards and stacks.