How to display the weather like this (Pic attached)

I;m not currently doing any work here - I would be very happy to see a PR for weather widget improvements :slight_smile:

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I think in general I would be happier to see fewer more versatile widgets

good framework!
This is my current state (same widgets with different configs):

will have a second look/refactor in the evening before making a PR


Looking good!

Hi @kabturek, did you make the PR?

Hey, yeah - it was already merged and it’s in the new appdeamon version (3.0.1)

wired… i’m getting the old one.


i’m using the following config:

widget_type: weather
widget_style: $background_gray
title: Today
show_foreacast: 1
prefer_icons: 1
forecast_title: Tomorrow

any ideas?

I see I’ve made a typo in docs :slight_smile: show_forecast

But I don’t know why icons don’t show (on my mobile so can’t look at code)

did you customize your own weather widget?

Thanks!!! it was a copy paste typo.
now it looks like that, is there a way to make it pretty like yours?

Thanks again!

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with that in config icons should already show in your widget - did you figure it out ?

love this…please share

I’m not sure which icons i should expect with this prefer_icons flag…
I couldn’t get the widget to look like in @kabturek screenshot , my final results is the last screenshot i uploaded.

@mizrachiran this is what you should have with prefer_icons: 1

It works but I do have this error

entity not found: sensor.dark_sky_precip_1

typo maybe?

There is a typo in the sample config as you can see in the messages above.
The thing with the icons didn’t work for me. let me know if you get it working - i would love to have the icons as well.


Mine works well, but it shows this error

entity not found: sensor.dark_sky_precip_1`


could it be that the entity sensor.dark_sky_precip_1 doesnt exist in HA???