How to distinguish between heatpump modes

I have a heatpump with 3 heating modes. heating | aux heating | em heating

When I look at my thermostat in ZaveJsUI, I can see one of those 3 modes being reported.

However, When I ask for the state in a script or template I only receive Heating no matter what the type of heating is being used. I’d like to track how often I’m using aux heating vs regular heating. Is there a way to do this?

Here what the thermostat is reporting in Developer Tools > States

  - 'off'
  - heat
  - cool
  - heat_cool
min_temp: 44.6
max_temp: 95
  - Auto low
  - Low
  - Circulation
  - none
  - Auxiliary
  - Furnace
current_temperature: 71
temperature: null
target_temp_high: 76
target_temp_low: 71
current_humidity: 40
fan_mode: Circulation
hvac_action: Heating
preset_mode: none
fan_state: Low
friendly_name: Thermostat
supported_features: 27

Those are your heating modes.

I don’t believe that is the case here. That value only changes if I manually put the heatpump in emergency mode. It doesn’t change when the system detects it needs to supplement the heatpump with the auxillary source.

A better way to describe that would be:

  - none  // 'auto' set on thermostat
  - Auxiliary // `emergency mode` set
  - Furnace // `heat` set

Then that command class (operating state 2-66-0) isn’t supported for your device in home assistant.

I’m sorry, I’m not being clear. Home assistant does appear to support 2-66-0, but it groups all heating modes under ‘heating’ instead of reporting them individually. Is this how it should work or is there something I can change to make it more granular?

I just looked up command class 66 and it is supported, it translates into the hvac_action attribute. There is no way to change this list manually, what you get is what you get.

thanks :slight_smile: Do you mind sharing where you looked that up so that I don’t have to ask in the future?

It’s… complicated. If you want to look up your specific device you can check it out here

otherwise you’ll have to look at the code.

Base command classes usually don’t show up in the device lists.

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