How to divide by 1000 the output of an energie sensor

One of my energy control device supported as “TS011F _TZ3000_qeuvnohg” provides data in a wrong unit. Sensor talks watt when HA understands kWh. Obviously cluster energy option to divide current/power is not supported by this device.

On zigbee2mqtt I could write a simple external converter to fix such an issue. But I do not find anything equivalent on HA. I could write a virtual sensor to display the right value, but it would be better to fix the issue in a more proper way.

Question: is there a somehow equivalent model on HA to fix a device controller ?


I have the same problem. Surely someone has already figured out how to solve it.
Some say it was fixed with a ZHA Update, but not for me. Looks like there was created or updated a ZHA-quirks file, but for some reason it doesn’t work for all TS011F _TZ3000 devices.