How to do "if 1 true - do this, if 1 not true do that" automation

I have almost no experience with automations and if I look at automation window it looks quite basic “trigger-condition-action” also when I look at examples they are really simple e.g. “if this - do that” but is it possible to do more complex things like “if 1 true - do this, if 1 not true do that” and how?

Use an If/Then or Choose action.

It would be easier to give you a more specific answer if you elaborate on what you are trying to do.

I spent all yesterday doing just that … SOOOO many ways to do it …

Well I want when my fireplace starts in morning to look HA at weather and when sunny=true set fireplace target 1, when sunny=false fireplace target 2

Trigger by regular time every morning

Then do

Runs an Action 1 IF an entity state = 1

Else Action 2

The second Action 2 doesn’t need a condition … unless you want one

EDIT 1: Exactly as @Didgeridrew said above … we are all saying same thing …rest is up to you … good luck

I looked at building blocks before asking here, problem is there are no ELSE block. just and, not, or

There is an Else under Then Do

yeah found it

Just trying to assist :grinning: