How to do not in group

This works:


Struggling with how to do “not in group” instead of “in group.” Is it possible or should I just do a function?

You could probably pass this list into another “get entities” node that did “not in”, but that sounds ugly, so maybe a function would be better.

FWIW I did what you’re after by using customizations rather than groups. An advantage of this approach is you can use “customize_domain.yaml” and “customize_glob.yaml” to ignore multiple entities in one hit. For example, in customize_glob:

  ignore_unavailability: true

Or individual entities in “customize.yaml”, such as:

  ignore_unavailability: true

Then the “get entities” node uses JSONata (which does not use ‘property’) with a value of:

$not( $entity().attributes.ignore_unavailability = true )

I found that I had to code it ‘backwards’ like this because using “= false” failed for entities without the attribute specified (which was all the ones I wanted to include).

A disadvantage of customizations is each entity needs to receive a state change for the customization to be picked up. You can also call “home_assistant.update_entity”. Alternatively, a restart of HA works for most, but not all.

Thanks for the customization suggestion. I’ll take a look at this.