How to downgrade versions

Unless I missed it in the docs or am not familiar enough with pip is there a way to down grade versions?

I think I wink might be having a new issues but wanted to be certain.

Thank you.

sudo pip3 install homeassistant==0.XX.X


What issues are you experiencing specifically? There is a pull request to update Wink support due to some API changes and also clean up some code. I believe it will be in the next release.

For me when I switch a off light via the home assistant gui. The Gui toggle switch switches off ( the light goes off) then the gui switch comes back on then switches back off again.

The light stays in the right state however the gui seems to get confused in between state updates.

I dont always recall it doing this and wanted to try a downgrade to test.

Don’t bother. It’s always done that on some lights, especially GE Links in my experience. I’m not sure if the PR specifically fixes that behavior, but it’s my hope that the clean up of the old code will.

You don’t really see the same behavior on switches though, right? That’s how it is for me - only the lights seem to “bounce” their state.

yup that is what I have GE bulbs. Must not have noticed it before now.

At this time I only have bulbs. :confused:

Yeah I just tested it now and it’s still the same. Lights “bounce” but switches don’t. It’s almost like they can’t send their state change and have to be polled a second time.

Your HA behavior is normal in this case. :smiley: